When you’re an emancipated youth, a veteran or a homeless person living with mental illness, you feel alone and unsupported.

Your donation to Fund a Need for those living with special needs tells them, “You’re not alone.

Jamboree’s gift list highlights examples of the types of programs and services you can help provide, including:

  • Health: $50 = one month of fresh produce/meat
  • Creativity: $100 = life skill classes on budgeting, cooking, health
  • Learning: $250 = resident workshops, one-on-one care advocacy
  • Independence: $500 = move-in package or three months of van transportation
  • Stability: $1,000 = furnish a studio or one-bedroom
  • Success: $2,000 = household appliances & repairs at shared housing homes

    Fund a Need

    Support for Special Needs