When you’re a family without an affordable place to live, you don’t have access to the tools you need to succeed – health and wellness, education, career advancement, etc. – or hope for a better future for your children.

Your donation to Fund a Need for families tells them, “You’re not without hope.

Jamboree’s gift list highlights examples of the types of programs and services you can help provide, including:

  • Music: $25 = one guitar for lessons for a child
  • Health: $50 = four months of healthy snacks for a child
  • Creativity: $100 = arts & crafts, STEM & educational supplies, sports equipment
  • Learning: $250 = job training workshops, after-school tutoring
  • Independence: $500 = field trip for 40 kids
  • Stability: $1,000 = move-in package for two families
  • Success: $2,000 = start-up libraries for four properties, computers & software for new community

Fund a Need

Support for Families