Asset Management

Managing quality affordable housing portfolio long-term

Jamboree's Greenleaf affordable community tot lot in Huntington Beach.

With an asset portfolio worth $1+ billion that includes the development of and/or ownership interest in more than 7,500 apartment homes in 75 California communities, it’s easy to see why Jamboree is considered a leader in asset management within the affordable housing industry. And, we’re growing. Currently, we have $300 million in affordable housing projects in our development pipeline.

Our asset management team has more than 35 combined years of operational and asset management experience. With robust reporting capabilities and a strong sense of pride in exceeding required financial obligations, compliance assurance and asset preservation, our team is unique in delivering mission-focused asset management.

Jamboree understands that the development of premier affordable housing is only the first phase of what will be a long-term partnership with the communities in which we develop properties. That’s why a key element of our strategic plan is a long-term diversification strategy that supports current development and management activities – and provides a solid foundation for new expansion.

Our asset management team is dedicated to the strategic planning of current and new investments, providing vision, resources, and innovative green and sustainable options for our ever-growing operations. Given that our long-term ownership often spans 55 years, maintaining the quality and effective oversight of these developments strengthens communities, reduces blight, crime and poverty and is key to them remaining valuable assets to the communities we serve.