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How to Get More Inclusionary Housing Built in California

What inclusionary programs work in your city, county?

If you serve on city council or are part of city or county staff, understanding the latest inclusionary housing ordinances and inclusionary zoning policies in California may seem daunting. Save time and cut through the clutter now. Talk to an expert who has proven experience with getting successful inclusionary housing developed and built for cities throughout the Golden State. 

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One 20-minute phone call could save you hours and hours of research. 

Do a Google search on the topic and you get pages and pages of inclusionary housing court rulings, inclusionary housing lawsuits, and pdfs of inclusive housing policies for a specific municipality – from San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles to the greater Sacramento region. It’s overwhelming.

And, how do you keep up to date on the latest inclusionary development legislation? By connecting with an industry leader who:

  • Operates as an extension of city staff.
  • Serves on the boards of both nonprofit and market-rate building industry associations.
  • Helps to advocate for more affordable housing with policymakers statewide.

That’s what the team at Jamboree Housing Corporation, a leading nonprofit affordable housing developer, has been doing for more than 25 years. You can gain practical advice to navigate inclusionary housing projects from concept to completion. Learn how to overcome the most common barriers to inclusionary housing. Discover options and resources for doing inclusionary housing development well with market-rate developers.

Save time and email our inclusionary housing experts to get the conversation started today. 

Jamboree Mendocino at Talega

Who is building (or has built) inclusionary housing in California and, specifically, in your area?

Get an inside look at successful inclusionary housing projects that are already built. Schedule an inclusionary housing property tour today with an expert from the housing development team at Jamboree.

Find out who is building this inclusive housing with ordinances, policies, financing and programs that win the support of the community – even those with an active and vocal citizenry – and the cooperation of market-rate developers such as Shea Homes, CalAtlantic Homes, The Irvine Company, Chevron Land Development and Talega Associates.

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