Community Collaboratives

Partner to include local neighborhood’s needs into new developments

Jamboree’s first Community Collaborative at Clark Commons

What is a Community Collaborative?

Prior to a new property’s design and construction, Jamboree engages with the surrounding neighborhood’s local partners, such as the city, schools, community organizations, and neighborhood residents. As a result, the entire community comes together to identify the unique needs of that neighborhood. The findings are then used to influence the development of the new property.

How does it work?

  • Jamboree and local partners determine the key needs and priorities of their community based on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) five social determinants of health.
  • These common goals become a custom plan that’s incorporated into the new property’s design and construction.
  • This intentional collaboration combines and expands the neighborhood’s resources for greater community impact – and becomes a Jamboree Community Collaborative.

What does a Community Collaborative do for the surrounding neighborhood?

  • Build healthy communities: The Community Collaborative empowers residents to be part of the process to identify the unique needs of their neighborhood, such as increasing literacy or reducing childhood obesity, from the beginning.
  • Transform neighborhoods in a sustainable, measurable way: As part of our approach to resident services, local partners create customized plans that utilize their individual strengths to address these shared goals. Plans are implemented before, during, and as the new property becomes a part of the fabric of that neighborhood. Then results are tracked, which informs an ongoing evolution of plans and activities.

Want to see a Community Collaborative in action?

In 2015, Jamboree formed its first Community Collaborative at our Clark Commons property. See how the Clark Commons Community Collaborative has grown into an expansive network of 10+ partners and led to a $450,000 grant for onsite mental health services.

In 2016, Jamboree gathered partners with a shared vision to design a supportive community for formerly homeless veterans. In 2020, Heroes Landing opened as Orange County’s largest development exclusively for veterans. Take a look at how the Heroes Landing Community Collaborative brought together leading veterans service agencies onsite, leveraging resources for the greater community.

And, in a unique collaboration, Jamboree joined the existing Santee Collaborative, providing our Woodglen Vista residents with a broad array of community services.

Today, seven Jamboree Community Collaboratives are taking shape and evolving to transform neighborhoods in Anaheim, Buena Park, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Indio, Santa Ana, and Santee.

Whether you’re looking for creative solutions for land use, new sources of funding, or new development and service partners with fresh ideas, see how Community Collaboratives are already benefitting the livability of entire neighborhoods.

Their measureable impact is being demonstrated in the success of individual residents, community outcomes, amazing stories, and verified results:

  • Learn more about Community Collaboratives, and see how they solve some of our communities’ most significant challenges in our Community Collaboratives brochure.
  • Visit a Jamboree Community Collaborative property in person and see how it works. Contact Natalie Reider to schedule a visit.
  • Find out how your business or organization can be part of a viable community collaborative and have a lasting impact. Contact Natalie Reider, Jamboree's Vice President of Community Impact, for details.
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